Our Areas of Interest

For a number of years, we have been doing research on topics in free probability, infinite divisibility – analytic and combinatory approach – probabilistic aspects of random matrices and models in wireless communication.

We are also currently working on random matrix topics by blocks: non-singularity of structured random matrices; combinatorics in non-commutative probability; operator-valued free probability; large graphics in a context of non-commutative probability; matricial processes, processing of eigenvalues with values in measurements, and associated non-commutative processes, as well as the relationship of random matrices and non-commutative probability to other areas of mathematics such as topology, geometry and representations theory.

Recently, research began into the subject of non-commutative probability and topological data analysis. Our contributions can be seen here.

On the topic of random matrices in compact groups, number theory and random matrices, Eduardo Dueñez, of the University of Texas, San Antonio, has given courses at several of our events, resulting in some extremely useful material. He has also overseen undergraduate theses in Mexico.